Great News – Summer’s on the way!

For summer 2015, Carters has great programmes and fantastic personal training – it’s fun, inspirational and produces amazing results!


During the last year, our club has undergone further investment and we have also developed our NEW GROUP TRAINING SYSTEMS. Our fitness training programmes and healthy eating plans can help you reduce your risk of obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, help you feel fitter and look great.


Now is the time to lower your body fat and cholesterol – and improve your self-esteem. Pop down to the club and make 2015 YOUR year. We will help you to achieve your results and it’s never too late to get started. Our members’ results speak for themselves.

We will motivate you to achieve your desired results – and you will se results in just four weeks!

Now is the time to achieve the results you want! Beginners are especially welcome – our members are ALL shapes and sizes!


Gayatri Yoga UK by Kate Jones

Some of you may have met Kate Jones, our own Yogini, at Carters already and you’ll know what a dedicated and wonderful yoga teacher she is……Kate has just set off for 6 weeks in India, assisting in the Yoga centre where she herself was a student. Read more about her story below..

As a former dancer Kate has been a student of Yoga for over 30 years.

Now a Yogini (female Yogi) Kate studied Yoga in India and has attended classes in Pune, Mumbai, South Goa, Kerala and trained to become a Teacher in the original Gurukul style of learning in Khajuraho North India with the profoundly inspirational Guru ‘Yogi Ram’ of the Arhanta International School of Yoga.

In light of this Kate is fully certified to teach Classical Hatha Yoga Internationally and holds the Registered Yoga Teacher Identity Card.

Kate’s own daily practice consist of Meditation, Asana and Pranayama and not only keeps her in good physical shape but to which she credits Yoga giving her a conscious guide to navigate the challenges of daily life.

Most recently Kate has been invited to return to India to the Arhanta School of Yoga to assist in the running of the Teacher Training course’ which she first attended herself to become a Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher.  She will be jetting off to Delhi on September the 28th and travelling back to the Ashram in Bansari village in Khajaraho.  This is an excellent opportunity for Kate to deepen her Teaching skills and to further develop her own knowledge of the philosophy of Yoga.


Namaste .“I am both honoured and thrilled to have been offered this opportunity, oh and I am going to throw in, completely excited too!  Spiritually I always knew that one day I would return to the Ashram in Banasri Village.  I would like to thank everyone at Carter Leisure and very much thank all the students who have supported me in my Teaching so far.   I look forward to sharing my experience, new learnings and seeing you on your own Yoga mat when I get back in November”.My Yoga mat is my best friend!.Om Shanti Kate.

Yoga really can be life changing and I would like to encourage everyone no matter how inflexible or extensile you are, just take some time for yourself to check in with your body, relax, release and rejuvenate.

Kate holds regular classes at Carters  – she’s back from India at the beginning of November and her classes will re start on 7th November. For session times see the Carter Leisure website.



Health and Fitness OPEN WEEK!

Trim Inches – Firm and Tone – Reduce Stress – AND save £££££s

At Carter Leisure we’re having an Open Week from Saturday 22nd March to Sunday 30th March
Personalised Fitness Programmes at Carter Leisure
Come along and check out your local gym and find out how getting fit and staying fit can improve your well-being, your health, your stress levels – it’s all good!

View our fantastic new facilities and talk to one of our lovely staff about a fitness programme that’s just right for you.


Fitness is Fun!

Time for a new you at Carter Leisure

Take the first step towards fitness and get in shape today

Regular exercise can give you a feeling of well being, as well as helping you to look and feel great!. Beginning a regular, controlled fitness programme is the first step to looking and feeling healthier – renew your zest for life!

It’s a fact too, that regular exercise can also help you live longer. Our club members have achieved some fantastic results with the help of our fitness and weight reduction programmes. Read what they have to say on our web site..

Meanwhile, if you’re aiming to lose a few pounds, here’s our 7 top tips for helping your achieve the results you desire

1. Set realistic goals and try not to lose too much weight too quickly

2. Join a gym! Carter Leisure will work out the most effective programme to help you reach your goal.

3. Eat a lower fat diet than before – include more fruit and vegetables

4. Enlist some ongoing support – at the gym? a training buddy?

5. Monitor your weight regularly (but not every day! Every two weeks is good)

6. Don’t get put off course by the ‘all or nothing’ trap – thinking ‘I’ve eaten a cream egg so I’ve failed and might as well quit’ is not the answer – its this reaction that’s the problem, not the cream egg! Just let go of it and get back on track..

7. Recognise that weight maintenance is a long term project, not necessarily a quick fix.

We’ll look after you at Carter Leisure and won’t leave you on your own – Start the pathway to a NEW YOU now!