Fitness is Fun!

Time for a new you at Carter Leisure

Take the first step towards fitness and get in shape today

Regular exercise can give you a feeling of well being, as well as helping you to look and feel great!. Beginning a regular, controlled fitness programme is the first step to looking and feeling healthier – renew your zest for life!

It’s a fact too, that regular exercise can also help you live longer. Our club members have achieved some fantastic results with the help of our fitness and weight reduction programmes. Read what they have to say on our web site..

Meanwhile, if you’re aiming to lose a few pounds, here’s our 7 top tips for helping your achieve the results you desire

1. Set realistic goals and try not to lose too much weight too quickly

2. Join a gym! Carter Leisure will work out the most effective programme to help you reach your goal.

3. Eat a lower fat diet than before – include more fruit and vegetables

4. Enlist some ongoing support – at the gym? a training buddy?

5. Monitor your weight regularly (but not every day! Every two weeks is good)

6. Don’t get put off course by the ‘all or nothing’ trap – thinking ‘I’ve eaten a cream egg so I’ve failed and might as well quit’ is not the answer – its this reaction that’s the problem, not the cream egg! Just let go of it and get back on track..

7. Recognise that weight maintenance is a long term project, not necessarily a quick fix.

We’ll look after you at Carter Leisure and won’t leave you on your own – Start the pathway to a NEW YOU now!